Fourteen Remarkable Brain Facts

Fourteen Remarkable Brain Facts

Fourteen Remarkable Brain Facts


  1. Your brain is 60% fat 


-It is one of the fattest organs in the human body.


  1. Your brain can generate up to 23 watts of power 


-That is enough for a light bulb.


  1. Your brain runs on heavy fuel. 


-It eats up 20% of your body’s sugar.


-It burns 20% of your body’s oxygen.


-Energy requirements can increase to 50% if you’re thinking hard.


  1. The blood vessels that are present in your brain are 100,000 miles in length.


-If laid end to end they would stretch around the earth four times.


  1. During early pregnancy, the neurons in the fetal brain develop at the rate of 250,000 per minute.


  1. Your brain waves are more active when you’re asleep than awake.


  1. Your brain is smaller than the brain of a caveman.


  1. You are brainwashed every night:


-When you enter the deepest phase of sleep, your brain waves become synchronized. This allows for pulsations of (cerebrospinal) fluid to enter all the deepest nooks and crannies of your brain and wash away the toxins.


  1. Signals move through your brain cells at up to 250 miles per hour


  1. It’s a myth that you only use 10 % of your brain. 


-You use more than that when you’re asleep or scrolling through your boring social media feed 😀.


  1. Part of your brain remains on guard duty as you sleep. 


-The frontal lobe monitors the environment while you sleep and wakes you up if it senses danger


  1. Your brain has several knot tying regions.


-Internal instructions (mental programming) on how to tie a ‘reef knot’ and a ‘clove hitch’ are located in distinct areas of your brain 


  1. Your brain couldn’t count to 10 Mississippi without blood.


-You will lose consciousness if the blood supply to your brain stops for 10 seconds.


-Brain cells die after 6 minutes without blood.


  1. Brain function changes with the seasons


-You are able to keep better focus on a project in summer than in the dead of winter.


-Your memory skills are sharper in the autumn than the spring.