Iran in Blue and White

Iran in Blue and White

People can argue in good faith about whether or not women in western democracies have fully achieved equal rights. But it is unreasonable to deny that Iran is barbaric in it’s treatment of women. And women’s rights are human rights. 


Blue is the color of Tehran’s soccer team. Until FIFA forced them to change the law, it was illegal for Iranian women to attend soccer games. Sahar Khodayari defied the law and went to jail. She had the audacity to go to see a live game and was arrested. When was the last time a woman was arrested for going to Yankee stadium?


Sahar was brought before a judge who sentenced her to extended jail time. Rather than face the inevitable prison rape, she set herself on fire and died.


Women in Iran are also subject to arrest if they appear in public without a hijab. Imagine being arrested for not covering your hair? Many brave women defy the law. In a movement that has been called White Wednesday the women risk public beatings or jail by leaving their homes with hair uncovered.


The brutal Iranian regime went a step further in the case of Masih Alinejad. Her family was detained because of her White Wednesday leadership.


All civilized people should think about the plight of Iranian women whenever we wear blue or white. All civilized nations should censure Iran until they change their abuse of their female citizens.